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Articles vs Blog Posts

When does an online article become a blog post? When does a blog post turn into an article? What exactly is the difference?

The general consensus is that blogs are written more in the nature of a conversation than an article, with grammatical orderliness mostly ignored. Blog writers take full advantage of the writing freedom this allows and, due to the fact everyone seems to be able to type so fast these days, blogs have basically become the modern day soliloquy.

Many websites have a blog specifically in order to build site traffic and increase their search results. Having a lot of links in the content does this, and in blogs that are somewhat abstract you can turn specific words into links that lead to explanations for those not on the same wavelength. Although articles have started to do this more and more, especially those on the tabloid newspaper websites, the ideas and points still have to be introduced and structured properly.

For a blog to work it needs to keep churning out content, so it’s common to see writers post about things because they are topical, even though they haven’t given it much thought yet. There will no doubt be a superficial promise to give more details later, but this type of blog post is a conversation starter. The comments section is going to provide the body for the piece.

Articles aren’t quite as temporary as blog posts and are considered to be more informative and accurate where details are concerned. While a blog post is generally anywhere from 200-500 words (if you can even narrow it down), articles tend to be 800 words plus. You tend to need to do a bit of research for an article, and even when its finished it needs to be edited to ensure immaculate language free of flaws.

That’s not to say some people don’t blog like that… it’s just not that common.


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