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Online profiles and modern CVs

“An employer will look up a candidate’s online profile before hiring them”. I read this the other week, and not only did it make me head straight to Google and punch in my name, it made me think, really? Would an employer actually do this? To be fair it was an American website I was reading, and their affinity for blogging might make it a tad more relevant compared to us Kiwis, although I am blogging right now… but would employers really go there?

I spent a bit of time recently updating my CV (which in writer world means completely changing everything), and I thought of this online profile topic again. Is a modern CV supposed to include an online element? I suppose your email has always been there, but what about if you have work published online, or if you maintained a blog for business purposes. Do they feature? What if you also have a blog that is not for business purposes? You wouldn’t put that in, but according to my quotee your employer will find out about it anyway.

I found an example of CV that couldn’t really mash the two together any better. It’s entirely done in Facebook, references and all. As an employer I don’t know if i’d be impressed or appalled:

What do you think?



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